I am a freelance illustrator living and working in Deva, Romania. 
     Most of my work revolves around book illustration - for  children or adults and on occasions I also draw for magazines, boardgames and toy making companies, advertising agencies, .  
     I enjoy exploring new techniques and my favorites so far are  ink, watercolor and pencils when working on paper. For digital works I always start on paper, sometimes just for sketching and making textures other times just using Photoshop to add color and tweak an almost final drawing.
I love living close to nature, this being the main reason I choose to live in a small town surrounded by mountains and history. That being said, my list of favorite subjects are, nature, landscape, animals and of course emotions (contemplating the inner landscape).
     Personal projects that I love exploring are printmaking (linocut & monotype) and craft making (for the great feeling of creating art that can be touched, moved, handled, loved).

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